Women Within

A weekly podcast to explore how it feels
to be  inside a woman’s body

you feel heavy
because you are
too full of truth.
open your mouth more
let the truth exist
somewhere other than
inside your body.

Della Hicks-Wilson

This podcast gives the floor to women to share their lived experience of inhabiting their bodies.

This era, focused on looks and appearances made me curious on what’s alive beneath… the feel, the sense, the voice… of the body.

By listening to different perspectives, we witness each other in our richness, our wholeness and cultivate more acceptance for each other and for ourselves


I believe in the power of stories and the gift of passing them on. This magical place where the voice heals & offers her gems to anyone who’s ready to receive. Where the same words, when soaked in different bodies, can be jjjust the right medicine in the moment.

I hope it will inspire you to embrace all parts of yourself and feel full & home within.

The journey

I ask the same set of questions to the guests and I air the most impactful answers

I’m not actively participating in a conversation with the guest, I hold space for what’s present to surface

It’s a space inviting deep listening, where silence & pauses are welcome to allow the speaker & the listener to tune in to their bodies and be in resonance with each other.

It’s ok if the guest’s story only makes sense for her as we all have diverse and rich inner worlds

The guests have no obligation to disclose their identity, to allow vulnerable, authentic, heart-centered expression & freedom

The guests are invited to let their bodily lived experience speak  

The container

It’s a personal invitation

…for inquiry and deep listening of your body & your inner guidance

…to be curious about your somatic experience when receiving the words

…throughout the episode to be open to receive a different answer to the same questions as your body is changing from moment to moment

…to invite compassion, non-judgment into the space and into your life


YOU are curious about your inner world & don’t know how to access it

YOU like to listen to others, it helps you self-reflect & get inspired

YOU want to get in the habit of slowing down but not doing anything feels uncomfortable. Active listening is your sweet spot

YOU want to reconnect with your senses in a gentle way & cultivate more trust within

YOU like intimate conversations, they make you feel nourished with a sense of belonging


Sit back, relax, make your favorite cup of tea and travel with the guests

…receive the gems, the learnings, the silence, create space within

1 episode released every Friday

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