# 1 – Beyond the Mind: Embracing a Multi-Sensorial Life

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Have you ever thought and longed to feel home in your body but never knew how to articulate your thoughts or even found the right person to talk to about this topic without being perceived as weird creature?

For a long time, I kept this longing for myself, which created more disconnect with myself and others. How about we start this conversation now, together. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about expanding the perception of our lived experience by engaging all your senses. Today, you’ll wander about:

  • Why relying solely on your mind can limit your experience.
  • The importance of inviting your senses into your daily life.
  • Going from a binary vision to a full, immersive sensory experience to enrich your life
  • Moving Beyond Words: discovering the magic of expressing through movement and non-verbal cues.
  • Why Feeling more connected and present with yourself is fulfilling your innate need to be seen and loved.
  • …. and we finish with one-minute exercise to expand your sensory experience.

Have a listen now to begin your journey of embodied living! 


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