Embodied Living

The podcast that invites the conversation INSIDE your body,

to feel yourself more intimately,

to bring yourself closer to YOU


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Inhabiting your body one step at a time

Welcome to Embodied Living, a podcast dedicated to exploring your body in a way that invites a profound connection to yourself. As we dive into the realm of the senses and give a voice to the often hard-to-articulate experiences within us, we will learn how to be in relationship with our body. Each episode invites you to get curious and discover your inner territory, embracing all parts of yourself exactly as you are.
Be prepared to wander, widen the spectrum of your perceptions and invite your body’s intelligence into your life to cultivate a deep sense of nourishment.

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you feel heavy
because you are
too full of truth.
open your mouth more
let the truth exist
somewhere other than
inside your body.”

Della Hicks-Wilson

The Journey

If you have been wondering how to come closer to yourself,

to feel more connected to your body,

but all that feels like unknown territory, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to put words on things that are difficult to express, to create a space ….

and invite the conversation around the non-verbal aspects of our lives, the more intimate spaces …

and discover how intergrating that experience can bring more richness into our lives

The Container

It’s a personal invitation

…for inquiry and deep listening of your body & your inner guidance

…to be curious about your somatic experience when receiving the words

…to be open to receive the gems that resonate with your body’s wisdom

…to invite compassion, non-judgment into the space and into your life


You are curious about your inner world & don’t know how to access it

You like to listen to others, it helps you self-reflect & get inspired

You want to get in the habit of slowing down, but not doing anything feels uncomfortable. Active listening is your sweet spot

You want to reconnect with your senses in a gentle way & cultivate more trust within

You like intimate conversations, they make you feel nourished with a sense of belonging