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Hello wanderer,

I trust that you magically landed on this page.
Know that you are precious and
I hope to keep your heart warm in here.

My name is Ines and I empower women

to reconnect to their desire & aliveness

by using the wisdom of their own body

Now let’s talk

If you take a step back and think about your life, where you are at, at this very moment. What succession of paths you took, choices you made, to carve, sculpt the masterpiece that you call I.

Yes, I just said masterpiece…  Deep breath… take it in … and realize how precious you are…

You KNOOOOW how much sweat you have put into  becoming the beautiful being that you are today.

So it should be easy to embrace those words… I am a masterpiece, I am beauty unfolding, I am life blossoming

Frustrated, flat, empty …. that’s how I felt! and still, I was fascinated by the truth of those words and more so, by how easily they can be expressed and yet how challenging they are to embody.

So how can you turn things around and make your reality as precious as you feel it in your heart?
The short answer, get into your body, sensing, feeling, using those sensations & emotions as a gateway to feel LIFE pulsating within you.

That’s where embodiment comes into the game and where the practice creates magic.

‘Women Within’

This podcast gives the floor to women to share their lived experience of inhabiting their bodies.
This era, focused on looks and appearances made me curious on what’s alive beneath…
the feel, the sense, the voice… of the body.

By listening to different perspectives, we witness each other in our richness, our wholeness and cultivate more acceptance for each other and for ourselves.

“Every desire of your body is Holy.
Dear one,
Why wait until you’re dying
To discover the divine Turth?”



Embodiment Coaching

1 on 1 exploration to reconnect to your body & your aliveness
When was the last time you felt most alive? Don’t remember?
In this journey through the 5 senses, we create space for the body to speak,
we build trust and come home to ourselves.
“Our bodies
like land,
crave water
and understanding.”

Della Hicks-Wilson

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Are you curious about your inner territory and want to explore more?
Do you want to open possibilities and be inspired by other women?
Do you want to connect with like-minded women, grow together, uplift each other and bath in this juicy energy?

” Ines is truly an incredible coach and an amazing warm-hearted person. She was able to guide me and introduce my body to myself from a very new angle. I felt super safe and warm and comfortable facing my own feelings through the sessions with her. I have reconnected to my body in a very different way. It is like meeting someone/something you were looking for,and learning that it actually is within you …and not only that …it communicates with you in a unique way. The six weeks were truly life changing for me. Bless you heart, Ines! No words can describe how I feel and the new chapter in me that I re-discovered :)”.

Working with Ines was beyond my expectations! While she is an incredible coach with lots of knowledge and experience, she is also gifted in her empathic and intuitive abilities. Her gentle yet confident guidance allowed me to go deep into my body and a new rich world of inner discoveries opened up to me as never before. I was able to deepen my relationship with myself and find safety and peace in my own body. After our work together, I feel more grounded, more in touch with my feelings and I learned powerful inner tools that will be very useful to me in the moments when life presents with some challenges and emotional distress. Thank you Ines for this amazing work that you do. Please keep sharing it with the world!

I was coached by Ines for 6 weeks and they were 6 weeks of gentle yet intense self feminine discovery.
We mainly worked around one recurring back pain that I had and with her guidance I managed to set myself free from it. I discovered that I had safe and secure places in my body that I could go to whenever I felt scared or injured and that my pain had colour and texture.
I can only recommend working wit this amazing woman, you will discover things about yourself you had no idea were there.

Inès is an amazing discovery as a coach. Her beautiful empathy and listening skills give opportunity to rise feeling totally safe. Thank you Inès for your work and for who you are.
Nargisse Saadi

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