Hi, I’m Ines

I’m fascinated by life, the magic it brings and how people use this platform to express themselves.

Wanderer, traveler, I explore my life’s journey through the teachings of the body. I believe that our body holds our soul’s story that is waiting to be told through movement and deep listening.

I started this journey in 2012 after a round-the world trip that opened my perception and the door to life’s magic. In the years that followed, I crafted my caldron, stirred my pot…and yes, there was a lot stirring to align with life’s creation.

I walked different avenues, meditation, mystical dance, yoga, dance mandala, the path of love, Saint James way were some of my initiations.

All those paths led to the body, where a complex array of emotions & sensations are constantly giving birth to new experiences & new teachings.

The body, this extraordinary container that holds all our mysteries.

I wish to create spaces (physical or non-physical) of love, joy, pleasure and peace where people can rest and surrender to their souls’ desire.

A Peek Into My World

The Path That Led Me Here Today

Certified Mystical Dance Teacher with Monika Nataraj

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with Lorraine Taylor

Certified Dance Mandala facilitator with Areeradh K

Certified Pelvic Floor massage bodyworker with Martin Beaudoin

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts

Certified Somatic Erotic Educator with Maanee Chrystal and Blaire Lindsay

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