1 on 1 embodiment coaching

Belong Within

Unlock Your Body’s Wisdom, Ignite Your Aliveness and Reconnect to Yourself

When was the last time you felt truly alive? Excited for a new project or adventure?

If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. Instead you may have felt disconnected from your body, unfulfilled, with no sense of direction or drive to embrace & enjoy life. But there’s a voice inside of you yearning for more, for that spark of joy, vitality. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Through this journey together we will tap into your body’s intelligence to invite more aliveness and cultivate a deep sense of belonging within. By connecting to your instincts you will experience a profound intimacy with yourself.

Why Choose Embodiment Coaching?

Out of sync

You are tired of seeing your body as a tool or as a distinct entity from yourself, like your body & soul are out of sync.


You are yearning for a profound connection with yourself, embracing the raw and sacred aspects of you. 

feeling at home

Instead of fighting it or trying to fix it, you long to feel home in your body, right here, right now, without needing a spa day or a retreat

The Embodiment Journey

Embark on a journey to develop the internal resources needed to nurture yourself through a more grounded and instinctual approach. This coaching experience is about opening up to possibilities, releasing expectations, and diving into self-discovery.

Cultivate Body Awareness

Deepen your understanding of your body’s language and senses, creating space for your body to speak

Establish Grounding and Safety

Build a strong foundation for self-nourishment, learning how to come back to yourself

Feel Home Within

Cultivate a deep sense of belonging within your body & more acceptance, regardless of past experiences or challenges.

Rediscover Aliveness

Awaken your senses, ignite your inner spark, and find joy in your daily life

Trust Your Inner Guidance

Connect to your instincts & desires and make more aligned choices in your life

“Our bodies
like land,
crave water
and understanding.”

– Della Hicks-Wilson

Is This For You?

While you may have explored some avenues in personal development or else, you are now looking for a more profound connection with your own wisdom.


You are a grown ass woman shaped by the dance of life.


You trust your instincts, which have brought you to where you are today.


You feel that you need a bit of guidance and structure on this journey and I’m here to walk alongside you.


You have the power to choose how you want to express your aliveness – your unique flavour that makes you YOU

Ready to cutivate a deeper sense of belonging?

Book a discovery call and let’s embark on this transformative journey together

We’ll discuss how embodiment looks like for YOU and what feels good for your body

Working one on one with Ines is nothing short of profound transformation. I came away from my work with her with a sense of self far deeper and richer than I had ever known before. She also gave me the tools to be able to continue to grow and develop into ever evolving states in my own embodiment process. The great blessing of working with her, is now knowing and living into the sensual delight of being alive in a female body. Something long overdue for womankind.


While Ines is an incredible coach with lots of knowledge and experience, she is also gifted in her empathic and intuitive abilities. Her gentle yet confident guidance allowed me to go deep into my body and a new rich world of inner discoveries opened up to me as never before. I was able to deepen my relationship with myself and find safety and peace in my own body. After our work together, I feel more grounded, more in touch with my feelings and I learned powerful inner tools


I began the course carrying my lifelong discomfort within my body and many negative thought patterns embedded from childhood. The course helped me to overcome the thoughts and discomfort, and to access buried parts of myself in order to move forward with confidence.

I learned that the freedom to focus on myself, and accept all aspects of myself through movement, changed my mindset in so many ways. My body and mind felt a huge release, not only each week during the session, but continues as I move forward more confidently and freely, with the knowledge I gained on the course.


By joining Ines's embodiment class, I wanted to provide my body with a space for expression. I particularly experienced a breakthrough in terms of playfulness: playing with making faces, playing with releasing my breath to moan and vibrate my chest. These liberating and transformative games touched my inner depth, I felt authorised to do so in the supportive context of the class. Since then, I have incorporated many of the gestures and ways of being that I learned from Ines into my daily life and more generally, an attitude of tenderness, patience, and exploration towards myself.


The Coaching Container

I’m not here to fix you because you’re not broken. 

This isn’t a goal-oriented, point A to B approach. Instead, it’s a profound inward journey to reconnect with a part of yourself that may have been dormant for too long. 

There’s no rush or quick fix here. It’s a conscious decision to take it slow, align with your body’s rhythm, and make micro-adjustments that nurture your soul while building a foundation for self-sourced nourishment.



Embark on a profound 6-week journey unlocking the feminine wisdom within you. Each weekly session guides you toward a harmonious union of body, mind, and spirit, unlocking reservoirs of wisdom along the way.

Weekly Sessions

Engage in weekly 1-on-1 sessions tailored to unravel the mysteries of your inner territories. Each session is a personalized exploration, providing the guidance needed for your unique journey.


Experience sensory-oriented practices, such as breath-work, touch, and movement, seamlessly woven into our sessions. Take these practices with you into the week, infusing your days with them.